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Wonderbrett x Sugar Dual Disposable Vape – 7 Grams

$ 54.95$ 54.99

Step into a world of flavor with Wonderbrett x Sugar Dual Disposable Vape. This 7-gram marvel is your passport to an immersive and euphoric experience, perfect for unwinding or adding a dash of social fun!

Each pack contains two 3.5-gram vape disposables, filled with a premium blend of THC-P, THC-B, Delta-10, and Delta-8, complemented by Live Resin Terpenes. The result is a top-notch vaping experience that is as smooth as it is satisfying.

With the convenience of being rechargeable and draw-activated, this vape offers seamless operation. It also comes with a Type-C Port and has been tested by a third-party lab to ensure its quality.

Are you looking to personalize your vaping experience? Choose from a variety of delightful flavors such as Beyond Blueberry / Melon, Cherry Trop / Grapes of Wrath, or Orange Banana / Strawberry Bliss!

Each puff is a journey into a world of taste that leaves you wanting more. So why wait? Buy now and dive into the absorbing experience of the Wonderbrett x Sugar Dual Disposable Vape today!


Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, THC-P, THC-B, Terpenes.

Why THC Vape?

The world of vaping offers a unique way to enjoy the benefits of THC. THC vapes provide a fast-acting and potent experience that is loved by many for its convenience and discretion.

It allows users to efficiently support their physical and mental wellness without compromising their daily routines.

As THC has intoxicating properties, it’s best to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery when using a THC vape.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

We recommend storing your Wonderbrett x Sugar Dual Disposable Vape in a cool, dry, and dark place for optimal freshness and potency.

Here you can find our up-to-date shipping & return policies.


Cherry Trop Sativa x Grapes of Wrath Indica, Orange Banana Indica x Strawberry Bliss Sativa, Beyond Blueberry Indica x Melon OG Indica