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Urb UFORIA Hydro CBD Live Resin Disposable

$ 18.95

Introducing Urb UFORIA Hydro CBD Live Resin Disposable – your go-to companion for a calm yet invigorating experience! Crafted with the fully hydrogenated form of CBD, H4-CBD, our product ensures to uplift your mood, offering tranquil relaxation like never before.

We bring you three exotic variants, each perfectly curated to satiate your unique preferences.

God’s Nectar (Hybrid) – Allow this harmonious fusion of sweet grape and potent citrus to delight your senses. This dreamy blend will surely send waves of relaxation and contentment through your body.

Jungle Juice (Sativa) – Get ready as a harmonious blend of sweet and sour citrus hits your palate. Brace yourself for a rush of unique flavors that Jungle Juice presents.

Rozay (Indica) – Immerse in the blooming floral notes characterized by this bright and sweet strain. Rozay is bound to deliver a soothing and peaceful experience.

Each variant comes in a superior quality disposable and carries 0% THC, ensuring 100% satisfaction each time.

Why Hydro CBD?

Each Urb UFORIA product is infused with H4-CBD, a completely hydrogenated variant of CBD. Premium in quality and unique in its ability to elevate mood while providing an uplifting yet relaxed vibe, it’s the perfect addition to your daily regimen or your weekend chillax!Make sure to check out other CBD disposable vapes available on our website.


Make Urb UFORIA Hydro CBD Live Resin Disposable part of your routine according to your comfort levels. Embark on this therapeutic journey with a single puff and gradually amplify the dose as needed.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

For optimal freshness and potency, store the Urb UFORIA Hydro CBD Live Resin Disposable in a cool, dry, and dark place. Visit our website for the latest information on our shipping and return policy.

Elevate your relaxation journey with Urb UFORIA Hydro CBD Live Resin Disposable – it’s 100% fire, ready for you to ignite!


Jungle Juice, Rozay, God’s Nectar