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URB Off Spectrum Disposable Vape Pen Lemon Dream

$ 36.00

Looking for a product that can help you achieve optimal well-being? Look no further than URB Off Spectrum Disposable Vape Pen Lemon Dream! With its powerful benefits and innovative design, it’s sure to exceed your expectations!

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Prepare to embark on a journey into the enigmatic world of cannabinoids with our revolutionary Off-Spectrum™! This extraordinary concoction is an ingenious blend of various cannabinoids that are off the current spectrum, taking you into uncharted realms of flavor and experience. 

Our avant-garde blend is skillfully combined with our best-selling live resin concentrate, ensuring a high-quality and potent product that delivers unparalleled results. But that’s not all! We’ve also fused it with premium True Terpenes™, adding depth and dimension to its aroma and taste for a taste that’s truly out of this world.

Off-Spectrum™ has been meticulously crafted to keep Delta 8, Delta 10, and any other THC compound over the 0.3% threshold at bay. Yes, you read that right! This product is legal in all 50 states*, allowing you to bask in its divine pleasures without care.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive headfirst into a world teeming with unexplored treasures. With Off-Spectrum™ by your side, every puff will be an adventure beyond imagination – a symphony of flavors and sensations that will leave you spellbound.

* States that allow vapeable hemp derived products to be sold.

Why Choose a Disposable Vape?

The true charm of disposable vapes lies in their simplicity. With no charging or refilling required, they offer a fuss-free journey into the realm of flavors and sensations. Just unwrap, inhale, and let the magic unfold – it’s as easy as that!

Compact and lightweight, disposable vapes are designed with on-the-go lifestyles in mind. Their sleek profile easily slips into pockets and purses, making them the perfect companion for your daily adventures, be it a night out with friends or a spontaneous weekend getaway.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

To ensure long-term freshness and effectiveness, please keep your URB Off Spectrum Disposable Vape Pen in a cool, dry, and dark environment.

Here you can find our up-to-date shipping & return policies.