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The DART Plus Pipe

$ 19.95

Introducing the DART Plus Pipe, your superior smoking companion for casual hangouts at home or on-the-move sessions. This extraordinary everyday pipe comes in five enticing colors: Purple, Black, Blush, Gold, and Silver, ready to elevate your smoking experience like never before!

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Constructed with exceptionally sturdy anodized metal, the DART Plus incorporates a unique spring-loaded ash ejection feature making it ultra-convenient for you – Just LOAD, SMOKE, and ASH.

The DART Plus distinguishes itself from the original DART One Hitter by offering a generously larger design. The enhanced size enables longer smoking sessions, delivers bigger hits, and makes it an ideal choice for sharing among friends. With a flower chamber that is double the capacity of the DART One Hitter, the DART Plus can fit whole nugs effortlessly.

Why Choose the DART Plus Pipe?

The DART Plus provides all the benefits of smoking a pre-rolled joint but with added convenience and cost-effectiveness. You have the freedom to load your favorite flower, and the cost per smoke is significantly lower than with pre-rolls. You can check other vape cartridges and disposables available on our website here.

Using The DART Plus Pipe

Our DART Plus Pipe provides a straightforward operation. Load the flower chamber with your chosen product, light it up for a relaxing smoking session, and use the spring-loaded mechanism to eject the ash.

Maintenance, Shipping & Return Policy

To maintain the optimal performance of your DART Plus Pipe, regular cleaning is advised. This helps to maintain its performance and enhance the longevity of the product.

Stay ahead of the curve with the DART Plus Pipe, designed to offer you an enhanced smoking experience while keeping it easy on your pocket.Check our website for our latest shipping and return policies.