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TERP 8 THC-O Infused Hemp Flower Sour G – 4 grams

$ 29.95

THC-O Infused Hemp Flower – SOUR G [4 grams] Compounds: 17% THC-O // 9%…

In stock

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THC-O Infused Hemp Flower – SOUR G [4 grams] Compounds: 17% THC-O // 9% CBG
Effects: Alert/Focused/Ease Discomfort
Flavor: Citrus/Diesel/Earthy-Pepper Hint
Type: Sativa Dominant
Usage: Day Use
Potential Multi-Level Effects

Premium CBD Hemp Flower Treated with THC-O
Just when you think life can’t get better, along we come with a sour twist on a CBG strain! Our Sour G is definitely a one-of-a-kind CBG hemp flower strain. For instance, it’s rare to find a Sativa dominant strain with CBG instead of CBD but we surmounted that challenge with this Sour G CBG hemp flower strain!

The result is a phenomenal strain that helps alleviate discomforts while simultaneously bringing a delightful surge of manageable energy to the fore. Consumers who love to include CBG as part of their wellness program will find this Sour G CBG hemp flower strain to be an awesome addition, particularly when seeking relief from discomforts without feeling tired.

By adding the psychotropic properties contained in the THC-O compound, the usual effects enjoyed when consuming this Sour G CBG hemp flower strain seem to be clearer and more powerful. There is no doubt in our mind: THC-O and Sour G CBG make a great partnership. Try it and learn firsthand how much more you will get from your sessions thanks to the THC-O addition!

Sativa Dominant

Sometimes the trials of life are an obstacle even though the day demands 100% from you. For those times especially, our Sour G CBG hemp flower strain may be the ideal solution that allows you to keep an even and steady flow of energy while the discomforts of life are shelved for the time being. Often, physical discomforts can interfere with your productivity but once those problems are smoothed away by a solid session of Sour G, you will find work to be energizing and inspiring once again. The plain truth is that, when we feel great, we can accomplish great things. Let Sour G support you in fulfilling your potential by helping you get your to-do list completed with enough energy remaining to take on new tasks. Or once finished, you can simply sit back and enjoy all that you achieved with much thanks to Sour G!

Finally, depending upon the amount of THC-O you consume, prepare to enjoy the onset of psychotropic or psychedelic effects about 20 or 30 minutes after the end of your session. By this time, the CBD and other cannabinoids you consumed are fully deployed and hard at work, which better prepares your mind and spirit to fully appreciate and benefit from the heightened effects brought on by the THC-O.

For the most part, you will find this Sativa strain ideal for daytime use, thanks to the clear and steady flow of energy and clear, calm focus. However, it is equally useful for those evenings when you want to remain alert but would appreciate relief from the accumulated aches and pains of a busy day.

While the addition of the THC-O compound may slightly change the look and feel of this Sour G, you will find the following description of the original, untreated strain to still be reliable:

The buds on this Sour G CBG hemp flower strain are somewhat of an anomaly, as they have a look and feel of delicacy but are surprisingly hardy and sturdy. A look under a magnifying glass illustrates just how tightly these buds cling to the stems. The trichomes appear as diamond-like dewdrops across the entire surface of these buds, with intermittent orange pistils working their way to the surface.

The buds may feel a bit lighter than their CBD cousins but they grind beautifully and readily; in fact, only one full turn on a hand grinder is typically all that is needed to produce a beautiful mound of CBG plant materials with a texture ideal for joints, pipe bowls, or vape chambers. Each grind yields a surprisingly large quantity of materials for smoking or vaping, making for some amazing and fulfilling CBG sessions!


Sour G 4 grams