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Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape Original price was: $ 49.95.Current price is: $ 44.95.
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Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape

Original price was: $ 49.95.Current price is: $ 44.95.

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquillity and unleash the magic of well-earned relaxation. The Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape is your gateway to a soothing experience, carefully crafted for those moments when you want to loosen up and let your worries float away!

The Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape wraps 1000mg of premium THCA live resin in an easily disposable package. Every puff delivers a potent impact, perfect for unwinding after a long day or adding a dash of fun to your social gatherings.

Crafted from only the finest ingredients, this vape is designed to provide an unparalleled experience.

Secret Nature takes pride in transparency and quality – their disposable vape does not contain synthetic cannabinoids or cutting agents, ensuring you get nothing but the purest form of relaxation. Plus, it contains less than 0.3% THC, keeping your experience smooth and enjoyable without unwanted effects.

Don’t just take our word for it – try the Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape today and take your well-being to the next level!


CBD %: 36%, THCA %: 32%, THC %: <0.3%

Why Live Resin?

Live resin captures the essence of nature in its purest form. Unlike traditional extraction methods, live resin retains the aromatic compounds known as terpenes, resulting in a full-flavor profile that is distinct and robust.

With live resin, you get to enjoy an authentic experience that’s closer to nature, offering you an unparalleled vaping journey.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

We recommend storing your Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape in a cool, dry, and dark place for optimal freshness and potency.

Here you can find our up-to-date shipping & return policies.

Lab Results:

White Fire OG
Forbidden Fruit
Frozen Colada
Cherry Slushie
Melon Frost
Poison Banana


White Fire OG – Indica, Forbidden Fruit – Indica, Frozen Colada – Indica, Gelato – Hybrid, Cherry Slushy – Hybrid, Melon Frost – Sativa, Mimosa – Sativa, Poison Banana – Sativa