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Psilly Gummies

$ 19.99

Welcome to Psilly’s realm of extraordinary gummies, aimed to boost your vitality and enable your experiences to reach new heights. Our innovative botanical blends are set to make a lasting impression.

Both our Psychedelic and Shroomy Gummies are US-made and subjected to rigorous lab testing to ensure unmatched quality and potency. Brace yourselves as these gummies pack flavor and wellness into one lovely bite!

Psychedelic Gummies: Immerse yourself in the gratifying grape-flavored gummies, a perfect blend of intoxicating kava kava and energy-boosting damiana. Each bag contains ten 80mg gummies infused with 30mg kava kava, 30mg damiana leaf, and 20mg of caffeine from green tea. This blend aims to leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and subtly ecstatic.


kava kava, damiana leaf, caffeine from green tea

Shroomy Gummies: Experience the magic of micro-dosing with our pineapple-flavored Shroomy Gummies. Harness the power of beneficial, potent mushrooms to enjoy an energy boost, increased focus, and a profound sense of well-being. Each pack contains ten delightful 200mg gummies.


chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps mushrooms

Why Psilly Gummies?

Our Psilly Gummies tap into the power of potent botanical extracts. The Psychedelic variant contains Kava Kava and Damiana for mood-boosting effects. The Shroomy variant incorporates diverse, beneficial mushrooms for holistic health support, providing microdosing benefits with macro effects – all with no detectable levels of Delta-9 THC.You can also check other edibles available on our website here.

Serving Size

Every person’s reaction may vary, so it’s best to start with a small serving – a gummy might be enough to indulge in the Psilly experience, and you can adjust as needed.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

To maintain optimal freshness, we recommend storing our Psilly Gummies in a cool, dry, dark place.

Visit our website for the latest information on shipping and return policies.

So, are you ready to get Psilly with us?


Shroomy Gummies – Pineapple, Psychedelic Gummies