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Mad Tasty CBD Sparkling Water

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With a proprietary 20 MG broad-spectrum hemp formulation, including a water-soluble solution that makes…

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With a proprietary 20 MG broad-spectrum hemp formulation, including a water-soluble solution that makes equal dosing from first sip to last possible and allows for greater absorption in the intestinal tract, MAD TASTY is sourced for all the benefits and no earthy aftertaste.

It helps you zone in, not out. Our hemp-extract beverage offers a unique mixture of clarity and calm without the high. It helps you ward off every day stressors and smile quicker.

The hemp plant packs in hundreds of cannabinoids that work with the receptors of a powerful system called the endocannabinoid system. Although only recently the darling of scientific research, the main function appears to be maintaining biological harmony in response to outside stressors and aids in regulating mood, immunity, inflammatory response, digestion, respiratory health and sleep.

Two flavors coming together in perfect balance. With MAD TASTY Watermelon Kiwi around, you’ll find your own perfect balance of creativity and clarity. Hydration has evolved!

A mysterious and exotic blend of natural fruit flavors that is delightful on the nose and refreshing for the brain. Expand your bandwidth to conquer your day with this magical elixir.

Perfect for when you need to refresh and refocus, MAD TASTY Grapefruit delivers! With zero sugar to bring you down, you’ll be zoned in and ready for whatever’s next. Grapefruit is good, MAD TASTY Grapefruit is next level good.

MAD TASTY was born in Santa Monica in 2018 while Grammy winning producer / singer / songwriter, Ryan Tedder was searching for the ultimate functional and hydrating beverage.

“I wanted to drink more water, but water is boring. I wanted an effective serving of hemp, but hemp extract can taste bitter. After much searching and research, my team and I cracked the code. We can now proudly say that no sparkling water tastes better, has less calories, or is more functional than MAD TASTY.”

I wouldn’t say I’m a wellness savant, but my interest around maximizing performance, clearing my mind, and hydrating my body led me down a wellness rabbit hole. My traditional daily beverage ritual consisted of a lot of coffee and not enough water…not a hydrating nor healthy combination.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been looking for something that drinks like water but isn’t boring and keeps my creative energy up. This search led me to hemp (which contains many naturally-occurring cannabinoids). I’ve had countless friends in the music industry and family members exclaiming the health benefits of cannabinoids with personal anecdotes on how it’s helped them with performance anxiety and kept their energy going all day. I was a skeptic but felt I needed to learn more. I started having conversations with wellness experts, nutritionists, and hemp industry veterans and experts.

These encounters made me realize that hemp is totally different than “weed” and isn’t a hallucinogen, so I started to add it into my regimen and felt the benefits myself! To take it one step further, I wanted to incorporate it into my beverage routine. That desire combined with my love of street art and social causes led me to CREATE MAD TASTY.

What Are The Health Benefits of CBD?
CBD is used by consumers for a wide-range of health issues including stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and inflammation. The only CBD medication that is currently FDA-approved is Epidiolex, which the agency approved last year for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy.

Many people also integrate CBD into their health routine to support their cellular and molecular health. Cannabidiol is just one of over 80+ cannabinoids that can be extracted from hemp. Among the many benefits that users experience, some of the main ones are: a sense of calm for focus; relief from everyday stresses; help in recovery from exercise-induced inflammation; and support for healthy sleep cycles.


Unicorn Tears, Grapefruit, Watermelon Kiwi