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Goldleaf CBD Jotter

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Easily Track the Efficacy of Your CBD Treatment Whether CBD works is no longer…

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Easily Track the Efficacy of Your CBD Treatment
Whether CBD works is no longer a question. Scientific research has confirmed that CBD produces significant benefits for a wide range of medical issues. The question now is how to understand which doses, potencies, and products work best for your body. The CBD Jotter is a pocket journal designed to help you become aware of the factors that provide the most therapeutic benefit for your medical symptoms. This journal is an ideal companion for anyone who uses or plans to use CBD concentrates, edibles, or topicals and will work with both CBD-only products and items that also include THC. It features a patient-focused layout, helpful infographics, dosing suggestions, guided entry pages, and much more.

24 full-spread templated entry pages
Product review sections to log the specs and jot down feedback for each item you try
Quick reference page to help you find your favorite entries
Dosing guide with recommendations
Acid-free, chlorine-free, responsibly milled paper
Classic cream-colored pages
Discreet navy blue cover with gold emblem
Portable A6 size notebook
Designed in Ohio, co-edited by Rosebud CBD
*This product is designed for reference only. We do not condone illegal activities. Please check your local laws on the legality of consuming cannabis.