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Galaxy Treats THC-O Vape Carts – 2 Pack Original price was: $ 31.49.Current price is: $ 26.49.
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Out of stock

Galaxy Treats THC-O Vape Carts – 2 Pack

Original price was: $ 31.49.Current price is: $ 26.49.

Welcome to the future of vaping with Galaxy Treats THC-O Vape Carts. This out-of-this-world product is expertly designed to elevate your vaping experience to the cosmos! Prepare for an adventure that’s sure to be otherworldly.

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Our enticing THC-O Vape Carts come in 2 variants teeming with flavor and star-studded satisfaction – Gravity Melon (Indica) and Orbital Peach (Hybrid). Each pack contains two vape carts, each loaded with 1 gram of THC-O, making it a total of 2 grams per pack!

Bask in the celestial flavors of our THC-O Vape Carts, which have been extracted from the highest quality hemp and enhanced with natural terpenes. Crafted and rigorously lab-tested here in the United States, these carts are a quality-guaranteed ride into the unknown.

Why THC-O?

Our Galaxy Treats THC-O Vape Carts utilize THC-O, a hemp-derived extract of utmost premium quality. This compound kickstarts your wellness routine without the presence of detectable Delta-9 THC — offering a truly stellar experience!

Serving Size

Reactions to THC-O may vary. Start your voyage across the universe with a smaller serving, adjusting as required to find your perfect ride.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

Store our Galaxy Treats THC-O Vape Carts in a cool, dry, and dark place to maintain optimal freshness and potency.

Check out our up-to-date shipping & return policies to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. Get ready to explore the galaxies like never before with our extraordinary vape carts!


Gravity Melon, (Orbital Peach