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Danodan CBDA Tincture

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Danodan CBDA Organic CBDA Tincture adds a new dimension to our line of organic…

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In stock

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Danodan CBDA Organic CBDA Tincture adds a new dimension to our line of organic hemp flower infusions. Also, CBDA is a limited-edition offering, so donโ€™t miss out!

Rich in CBDA โ€“ the raw form of CBD โ€“ and several other hemp cannabinoids, Danodan CBDA is similar to our Gentle formulas because of its simple recipe. However, CBDA is unique because we donโ€™t decarboxylate โ€“ fancy word for โ€˜cookโ€™ โ€“ it. Therefore, CBDA may offer different benefits than CBD.

Danodan CBDA contains 8mg of hemp cannabinoids per serving, including organic CBDA and more. Our gentle infusion process extracts the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from organic hemp flowers, providing a whole plant formula.

CBDA is currently being researched for many reasons, and may have tremendous benefits for a variety of people. CBDA may support healthy serotonin levels. Serotonin is important for moderating many everyday functions including sleep, digestion, motor skills, and emotions.

Additionally, CBDA may help regulate inflammation and pain by inhibiting an important enzyme called COX-2. Learn more about CBDA in our blog!

Our patented products deliver effective results at lower doses. We make our infusions with organic vegetable glycerin, which is digested and absorbed more easily than CBD oil. Our infusions also naturally mix into your favorite beverage, so you can add organic CBDA to any drink.

Each 2mL serving provides 8mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids from organic hemp, including organic CBDA. An easy-to-use calibrated dropper helps you measure and adjust each serving for your personal needs.

Danodan CBDA Organic CBDA Tincture offers an exciting new expansion of our lineup of organic hemp flower infusions. Experience the Danodan Difference.

Certified USDA Organic by OneCert.