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Colorado Hemp Honey CBD Infused Coffee 2oz bag Med/Dark Roast

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WAKE UP TO CALM IN THE MOST LAVISH WAY! Introducing a NEW medium/dark roast…

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Introducing a NEW medium/dark roast hemp infused coffee made locally in Colorado!
*43 mg full spectrum hemp extract per 2 oz bag

This Embajada roast is infused with full spectrum hemp extract and created for non-filter brewing methods. Experience the delicious flavor of coffee each morning and incorporate the benefits of hemp into your active lifestyle before your busy day begins. Our new hemp infused coffee allows you to experience a unique aroma and taste. It’s so more than just hemp!

Arabica single-origin Colombian Supremo roasted to a medium/dark roast
Specially formulated for non-filter methods such as french press and espresso.
We infuse the hemp extract into the naturally occurring oils of the coffee beans during the roasting process. The hemp extract contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients from hemp.
Our hemp is extracted with a unique, reusable process that best preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes and also maintains superior quality.
Triple tested for purity and potency.
Serving Recommendations

Each 2 oz bag contains 43 mg of full spectrum hemp extract.
For each serving, start with 10 gm (2 tbsp) ground coffee brewed with 6 oz of water. For best results, use only non-filter brewing methods.

Ingredients: Arabica single-origin Colombian supremo coffee bean, full spectrum hemp extract

We have paired raw honey and Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract to create a superfood of the highest quality. The addition of organic ginger essential oil creates a fresh, cool, and slightly spicy essence that sharpens the mind and aids with digestion, muscle inflammation, and more. These infusions create synergies that surpass the benefits of consuming eac

Our Mission
To create and share the most innovative natural products that support the health and wellness of individuals, communities and the eco-systems that help create them.

What Makes Us Different?
100% pure and raw Rocky Mountain honey
Colorado grown full-spectrum hemp (aerial parts, non-isolate)
CBD is naturally occurring in our full-spectrum hemp
Naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients from hemp
Extracted with a unique, reusable process that best preserves terpenes
Superior entourage effect (all the natural constituents working together)
Building Trust
We are proud that our products are certified Glyphosate Residue Free by The Detox Project.

This gives you the peace of mind that our honeys are free from glyphosate residue. We like to keep our honeys clean, simple, and natural.

Purity & Certificates of Analysis (COA)
We want to build confidence in our processes and products. Every batch of our Colorado Hemp Honey is triple tested for potency and purity. Once right after the harvest and extractions, another time while we are formulating and infusing the honeys, and finally we send samples of each flavor to a third-party laboratory for a final Certificate of Analysis (COA) that is published on this website.

Unique Combinations
We have paired pure, raw honey with Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract to create a super-food of the highest quality. Enjoy raw honey and an earthy hint of hemp!

As beekeepers and hemp farmers, we here at Colorado Hemp Honey place the highest of values on the integrity and purity of our products.

There are some companies producing hemp products that do not value purity and potency like we do.

Triple Tested full-specturm hemp and CBD Products

At Colorado Hemp Honey, each of our ingredients in tested three times for purity and potency before it leaves our facility and reaches our customers.

Each raw ingredients arrives at our facility with verifiable Certificates of Analysis provided by the manufacturer for purity and potency.