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Chief Stix CBD CBG Hemp Smokes

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Get ready to embrace the extraordinary smoking experience brought on by Chief Stix – a new level of smoking satisfaction sans tobacco, nicotine, and additives. Our cigarettes solely consist of 100% natural American sun-grown organic hemp, hand-rolled in biodegradable paper and filters to deliver an environmentally friendly, enjoyable smoke session.

Our CBD CBG Hemp smokes are packed with powerful compounds, minus the THC. This means you can enjoy the calming, soothing effects with zero high. Meticulously composed of 100% CBG CBD hemp flowers, our smokes have been specially blended to deliver an unmatched flavor profile and a suite of potential benefits.

Chief Stix is crafted entirely in the United States and subjected to triple lab-testing, ensuring each stick maintains our promise of quality, adherence to regulatory standards, and user safety.

Why Chief Stix CBD CBG Hemp Smokes?

We put the power of natural hemp extracts in your hands. Utilizing sun-grown organic CBG CBD hemp flowers, this innovative smoke blend provides relaxation and calmness. With zero nicotine, zero tobacco, and THC-free, this is the cleaner, healthier alternative you’ve been looking for.

  • 100% Natural & Sustainably Packaged. Committed to sustainability, our smokes are meticulously rolled using biodegradable rice paper and filters.
  • Triple Lab-Tested Quality Assurance. At Chief Stix, quality reigns supreme; it’s just one of the reasons we are triple lab-tested

to ensure we maintain our promise of quality, compliance, and safety.

  • Smoking Redefined. Experience the pleasure and peace of a good smoke, without the harshness of tobacco or nicotine. With Chief Stix, indulge in the clean, flavor-rich experience that allows the natural goodness of hemp to shine through.

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Storage, Shipping & Return Policy

For an optimal smoking experience, store your Chief Stix in a cool, dry place. For more details concerning shipping and our return policy, kindly refer to the relevant section on our website.

Experience the revolution in smoking with Chief Stix CBD CBG Hemp Smokes.


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