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Celestial Elements 500mg CBD Balms

$ 32.00

Soothe your muscles and nourish your skin with the power of plants.

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Celestial Elements presents their range of 500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Balms, skillfully crafted to provide relief for muscle pain while also nourishing the skin. Infused with high-quality, organic, plant-based ingredients, these balms deliver fast-acting and soothing results.

Each Celestial Elements CBD Balm contains 1000 mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol extracted from hemp to ensure a holistic approach to wellness. The balms glide effortlessly onto the skin, providing a calming sensation and allowing the nurturing ingredients to work their magic.

The range features five unique blends, each hand-crafted with organic essential oils to suit different preferences. Choose from Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or Spirit blends to find the perfect balance for your personal needs.

Experience the soothing power of Celestial Elements 500 mg CBD Balms and elevate your self-care routine today!


Unrefined Shea*, cocoa butter*, mimosa floral wax, daikon seed extract, hemp seed oil*, sunflower oil*, candelilla wax*, dl-alpha tocopherol/vitamin E, sea buckthorn berry oil*, St John’s wort in olive oil*, grapefruit peel* extracted into grape seed oil*, full spectrum hemp extract, holy basil, manuka. (*organic)

Why Holy Basil?

Holy basil is known as an anticoagulant that promotes circulation, while manuka is believed to promote healing. These powerful botanicals work together with other organic ingredients to create a harmonious blend designed for optimal wellness.

Storage, Shipping & Return Policy:

To maintain the effectiveness of your Celestial Elements CBD Balm, store it in a cool, dry, and dark location. For information on our shipping and return policies, please click here.


Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Water