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Invented back in 1989, bath bombs can be accurately summed up as compacted mixtures of wet and dry ingredients. Usually containing a bicarbonate base and a weak acid, these fantastic products change from completely inert when dry to vigorously dissolving and fizzing in contact with water. For maximum satisfaction, they often release a combination of rich aromas and beautiful dyes, ensuring the most enjoyable bath.

To make them even more fun to use, our bath bombs contain certain amounts of CBD and THC variants. CBD bath bombs will change your bath time from a simple hygienic task to a blissful and relaxing experience thatโ€™ll help you ease or even eliminate anxiety or stress and do wonders to the quality of your sleep. If CBD alone is not enough for you, donโ€™t worry. Our specially prepared CBD & Delta 8 THC bath bombs will be invaluable in managing painful conditions.

Manufactured with utmost care from premium-quality ingredients, our products wonโ€™t let you down. Shop from a wide variety of pure CBD or CBD & Delta 8 THC bath bombs and make your bath time soothing and pleasant.