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Why Is CBD So Popular?

Why Is CBD So Popular?

CBD continues to receive enormous attention, but what is it about this naturally occurring compound that makes it a favorite among consumers, researchers, and everyone in between? To find out, keep reading as we break down why CBD is so popular.

Discovering CBD

To understand CBD’s rise in renown, we need to learn a little about its backstoryโ€”where it comes from, who discovered it, and the catalyst for its mainstream appeal.

Hemp, cannabinoids, and the ECS

CBD is an organic compound found inside Cannabis sativa, or as it’s more commonly known, cannabis. Fortunately, the C. sativa family also includes industrial hemp, a subspecies containing naturally high levels of CBD and low concentrations of THC. However, despite centuries of use, researchers didn’t discover hemp’s abundance of organic compounds until the 1940s. American chemist Roger Adams was the first person to isolate CBD successfully, and as a result opened the doorway to the fascinating world of cannabinoids. Unfortunately, the discovery of cannabinoids was only one half of the equation. For CBD and other compounds to have practical applications, researchers needed to locate a mechanism of action, and that discovery didn’t happen until the early 90s. The missing link, of course, was the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Researchers determined that each of the cannabinoids inside C. sativa, CBD included, prompted a wide variety of biological changes by interacting with the receptors of the ECS. By harnessing this interaction, researchers could then trigger dozens of potentially beneficial changes to mind and body.

The story of Charlotte’s Web

With more of the puzzle pieces in place, it was only a matter of time before interest in CBD would reach mainstream audiences, but not without a bit of help from Charlotte Figi. Undoubtedly, one of the most influential catalysts to CBD’s popularity was the release of a 2013 news report on ‘Charlotte’s Web’. Charlotte’s Web is a potent CBD extract manufactured by the Stanley Brothers from Colorado, USA.

Why has CBD become so popular?

Since Charlotte, and by extension CBD, caught the hearts and minds of people back in 2013, interest has grown into a multimillion-dollar industry with global appeal. Fascinated by its potential, researchers are working tirelessly to discover the full scope of the compound’s effects. From its influence over mood, appetite, and sleep to its lack of toxicity, the ‘CBD hype’ looks set to continue. However, don’t just take our word for it. Below, we’ve outlined several reasons why interest in CBD is here to stay.


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