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Where Is The Best Place To Store CBD Oil?

Where Is The Best Place To Store CBD Oil?

So, CBD oil has made its way into your life, becoming a part of your daily regime. But how do you ensure that your CBD oil maintains its integrity, remaining usable for as long as possible? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about storing CBD oil, creams, and supplements.

How to store CBD oil

Storing CBD oil isn’t hard, but there are three main elements you need to consider to get the most out of its shelf life. We’ll examine each, and discuss how you can protect your CBD oil to keep it in the best possible condition.


To understand how light affects CBD, we need to know a bit about how light works. Visible light represents a narrow band of rays on the electromagnetic spectrum; these waves are around us all the time, but we can only see a handful. To protect your CBD oil from light degradation, make sure to store it in a dark location, such as a cupboard.


Air contains a complex blend of molecules that can react with CBD, including nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Of the three, oxygen causes the most damage to CBD. CBD oil will last significantly longer if it remains in an airtight container.


High temperatures can break down CBD molecules. To maintain its integrity, store CBD oil at room temperature (18 °C – 28 °C). Placing the product in the fridge for long term storage is also acceptable.

Can you store CBD oil in the fridge?

The best place to store CBD oil is in a kitchen cabinet because it’s dark, cool enough and airtight. The fridge is suitable for long term storage, but the oil may separate. Be sure to shake vigorously before each use if this occurs.

How long can you store CBD oil?

CBD oil should last at least six months after opening if stored correctly. If it’s been more than six months, the oil may change colour but is still safe to use.

What’s the best way to store other CBD products?

  • CBD capsules: Store in a secure, lightproof container at room temperature.
  • CBD supplements: Store in a cool, dark place in airtight, UV-protected containers, and refrigerate to be safe.
  • CBD creams: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place for optimal storage.

How to store CBD oil—bottom line

If you follow the above guidelines for storing CBD, your cannabinoid should remain fresh and potent for as long as you need it. Remember to consider temperature, light, and air to preserve the quality of your CBD oil.

For a wide selection of CBD oils, creams, supplements, and beauty products, browse the Cibdol store. If you’re still unsure about CBD, check out our CBD Encyclopedia for a beginner-friendly guide to all things CBD.