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How To Cook With CBD Oil

How To Cook With CBD Oil

Interested in cooking with CBD oil, but not sure where to start? Our definitive guide explains exactly what you need to know about cooking with cannabidiol, and how to add it to your favorite recipes. Keep reading to find out more.

Why add CBD oil to food and drink?

CBD is an extremely versatile cannabinoid used in dozens of ways. Despite this, some users struggle to find a method of administration that suits their lifestyle and preferences. Perhaps you find the taste of raw CBD oil unpleasant or prefer to have something else in your stomach when you dose? Others find it challenging to remember to take CBD oil throughout the day, especially those with busy schedules. In any case, you can integrate CBD oil into your routine in a comfortable, convenient, and natural way—by adding it to food and drink. You can infuse CBD oil, CBD hemp seed oil, and CBD black cumin seed oil into a wide variety of dishes, with delicious and effective results.

Advantages of cooking with CBD oil

  • CBD oil is excellent in salads, smoothies, and other fresh treats
  • Convenient and straightforward
  • Masks the natural taste of CBD oil
  • Effects last longer

Disadvantages of cooking with CBD oil

  • Can’t heat CBD oil directly
  • Delayed onset of effects
  • Difficult to get a precise dose (recipe-dependent)
  • Works best in recipes with healthy fats

How to use CBD oil in cooking

As we’ve alluded to, there are several ways to infuse CBD oil into everyday food and drink.


Adding CBD to smoothies is a great way to incorporate the cannabinoid into your daily routine. Smoothies tend to have a strong taste and texture, masking the CBD oil. Another advantage of this approach is that you won’t lose any CBD—once it’s in the blender, it has nowhere to go.

It isn’t just smoothies that benefit from CBD oil—teas and coffees can too! Add a few drops directly to tea and coffee for a natural boost (just make sure to add the CBD oil once the tea/coffee is off the heat).

Hot dishes

You don’t want to fry with CBD oil at all. If you’d like to incorporate CBD oil into a hot dish, simply wait until it’s done and sprinkle some on top. Baking with CBD oil is another convenient and tasty option, but try not to go above 170°C/338°F or your CBD will start to degrade. Stay below that threshold, and you won’t lose any of the product.

Cold dishes

If you’re having a salad, why not toss some CBD oil into the mix? Putting CBD oil on salads is an excellent option as it bypasses the tricky exposure to heat. CBD oil makes an excellent dressing or garnish for innumerable cold dishes, not just salads!

Extra tips for cooking with CBD oil

  • Use CBD oils from high-quality sources
  • Experiment with CBD oil and your favorite foods