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How CBD oil is made from hemp

How Cibdol CBD Oil is Crafted

CBD oil has gained popularity in recent years, but not all extracts are created equal. Cibdol is well-known for its pure, safe, and effective CBD oils. Here’s a breakdown of how Cibdol CBD oil is meticulously crafted for top-notch quality.

The Production Process

Before Cibdol’s CBD oil can reach customers across Europe, it goes through several key stages, each contributing to the exceptional quality of the final product.

Eight Key Stages of Production

Hereโ€™s a step-by-step guide to how Cibdol CBD oil is made:

1. Raw Plant Material

All Cibdol CBD oil starts as hemp, meticulously sourced to ensure it is free from pesticides, GMOs, and heavy metals. High-quality raw material is essential for creating premium CBD oils.

2. Milling and Processing

The hemp goes through a milling process to extract the CBD-rich flowers, which are ground into a fine powder, ready for extraction.

3. Supercritical COโ‚‚ Extraction

Cibdol uses supercritical COโ‚‚ extraction to separate chemical compounds from the plant material, yielding a potent CBD-rich extract.

4. Chemical Decarboxylation

To activate the CBD, decarboxylation is carried out using chemical methods to ensure potency and preserve other beneficial compounds.

5. Distillation

The extract undergoes distillation to remove plant waxes and fats, purifying the CBD oil further.

6. Filtration

A round of filtration ensures purity, removing any remaining impurities and adding the CBD extract to a carrier oil.

7. Bottling

Precise bottling is crucial to maintain the CBD oilโ€™s integrity and ensure accurate CBD concentration in each product.

8. Testing and Analysis

Third-party testing confirms the purity and cannabinoid content of the CBD oil, providing customers with peace of mind.

The Purest CBD Oil

Cibdol is committed to delivering the purest CBD oil, with quality control measures at every production stage. Customers can trust the transparency and quality of Cibdol extracts, backed by industry-leading facilities and expertise.

If youโ€™re looking for premium CBD products, explore Cibdol’s range of oils, capsules, creams, and supplements. For more information about CBD extraction and testing, check out the Cibdol CBD Encyclopedia.