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Can CBD help you focus?

Can CBD Help You Focus?

With the ever-increasing demands of daily life, it’s not surprising that some of us need a little help when it comes to focusing. Whether you believe you can achieve this with a well-timed coffee, snack, or simply going for a quick jog before giving your undivided attention to a task, everyone seems to have a solution to get their focus back on track. With the popularity of CBD at an all-time high, many wonder whether consuming this cannabinoid can increase, impact, or generally support focus. To answer that, we first need to understand the factors that affect our capability to concentrate and focus.

Why Do We Struggle to Concentrate or Focus on Tasks?

We’re all guilty of it; putting off a task or going on an internet tangent simply because we’re unable to commit ourselves to the level of focus and concentration needed for that work or university project. However, when you really need to focus, even the slightest noise can be the biggest distraction. In this scenario, the solution is simple—remove the distraction. But, it’s not only technology that’s responsible for our distractions. Lack of sleep, stress, and cognitive disorders can all severely impact our ability to focus.

Sleep and Energy Level

As we know, sleep plays a vital role in our daily lives, and failing to get the right amount can wreak havoc not only on our health, but also our ability to concentrate. Getting a good night’s sleep will give your body some much-needed rest, true, but your brain also uses this time to recover. Think back to those times at school or university when you stayed up late trying to study for an exam, only to not remember a thing in the morning. This is due to the brain not receiving enough rest, causing you to forget all the information you tried to cram in late in the evening.

Stress and Cortisol Level

Stress is something we all face in our lives, albeit in varying circumstances and to different degrees. Stress can stem from many places—a deadline, for example—or it can just naturally occur over the smallest inconveniences if you have that kind of disposition. However it affects your life, there’s no denying that stress can impact your concentration and ability to focus on a task.

Research on CBD and Focus

While research regarding the full effects of CBD is still in its infancy, many researchers feel as though remedies for improving focus are somewhat limited, and thus have turned their attention to the cannabinoid. One study observed the interaction between sleep and CBD over the course of four days. Researchers administered CBD to adult rats and found promising results. Another study published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology suggested that CBD may have tension-reducing potential mediated through an indirect relationship with cannabinoid receptors.

While we can acknowledge potential factors that can impede focus, there is still plenty of research required before we can make any conclusion about CBD as an aid for concentration. However, as part of a continued effort to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, we can allow CBD to accompany us along the way. Always keep in mind that each person’s experiences with CBD will differ from the next, so it is important to note how you feel before, during, and after administering the cannabinoid.

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